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Packages for Individuals & Companies

We provide you an excellently curated platform of novel and proven technologies from all over the world.

Individual users have free access to the basic functionality of the platform. It will allow you to see a limited number of tech pages and to reach out to suppliers and experts you are interested in.

We offer premium subscriptions to individuals and companies that offer you advanced data and insights to find and select the most relevant technologies, and to get the tech deployed.

Explorer Account for Individual Users

Our Explorer subscription is a next-level individual user account perfect for users who carry out advanced technology scouting and/or assessment.

This type of account offers unlimited tech page views and full access to tech pages’ features, especially deployment references and expert reviews.

Explorer account holders can also customise their toolbox to align with their interests and needs.

Level 1 Account for Companies

Companies or teams with Level 1 accounts get a secure and private technology platform, with technical support to ensure optimal use.

This internal technology platform is complemented with advanced data and insights that allow users to track competitors’ technology deployment as well as filter technologies that were deployed in the regions/countries they are interested in.

All these are on top of the full access to the global platform and scouting support from our team and network of tech experts.

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Level 2 Account for Companies

On top of Level 1 inclusions, Level 2 Account for Companies also allows integration of technologies developed and/or deployed by your company. This enables your team to compare these technologies with those on the platform.

This account also includes deployment support from our network of experts, ensuring higher chances of success in embedding technologies in your organisation.

Optional features for your internal technology platform can be added, including deployment matrix, internal reviews, etc.

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We are independent

In addition to the above, we want to emphasize the following:

  • We are not being paid on commission basis by suppliers. The reason is simple: we want to keep an independent position. 

  • In case an end-user is interested in a technology, then discussions take place directly between the end-user and the technology supplier. The initial contact can thereby be established via the ‘send message’ functionality on the relevant technology page on the platform. We can facilitate where needed.

  • In case of a contract between supplier and an end-user, this would follow the normal procurement process. In other words, we are not part of a contractual arrangement between you and the technology supplier.


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