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Safe Influx Automated Well Control

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Automating well control to improve safety, costs and environmental performance

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Friday, November 26, 2021 - 15:22

Automated Well Control uses automation to almost eliminate human errors in the area of well control. This system is an aid for the Driller who retains responsibility for well control. Pre-agreed parameter limits are used to ensure well control performance is reliable, consistent and flawless, irrespective of which Driller is on tour. Once installed and the crew are trained, no additional personnel are required. This system is simple to run and had been designed with the Driller in mind.


Prevents blowouts
Reduced environmental exposure
Safer well construction process for personnel, the environment, assets and reputation
Cheaper wells
Uses Automation to improve process safety
Can only be used for drilling ahead at the moment. Future modules will cover tripping and connections
Every aspect of well control can be developed in the future


Areas of Application All well operations where the blow out preventer is deployed.
Size Small footprint.
Control of process flow Almost eliminated human factors in well control.
Weigh 200kg cabinet.
Intallation Short installation time.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Safe Influx

With a winning combination of skills and knowledge, we believe that the proprietary technology of the Safe Influx Automated Well Control significantly reduces the human factor element in well control, preventing blowouts.

The success of Safe Influx is assured by our talented team.

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