Technology Deployment Workshop

4-hour Online Technology Deployment Workshop

This 4-hour workshop is  designed to share key insights on the industry best practices that address the most pressing business challenges.

During the workshop, we share and discuss tools, processes and insights to position technologies for success and to successfully deliver the technology.


Key Takeaways from this Workshop

  • Understand how and why technology gets deployed, including the technical and business drivers that ensure success as well as how to position the technology accordingly.

  • Know how to use the right tools and processes to effectively address, business challenges with technology.

  • Understand the critical success factors for making deployments happen and how to organise the technology delivery in line with these critical factors.

Outline of the Course

The workshop is divided into three main components:

  • How to select technologies

  • Apply the Tech Positioning Programme

  • Critical success factors for technology deployment

The workshop is held virtually and if preferred, it can also be delivered on-premise (Additional cost will be payable). 

This 4-hour Online Technology Deployment Workshop can be delivered in a full day or two-day format, allowing for a deep dive and providing sufficient time to have multiple exercises. 


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